1. Urban Planning

All humans are on the big turning point in the 21st. Our Company are learning about Internationalization, Aging society, and Information-systems. The variety of our values in this century, creates a good life-style for our environment. We challenge to build "a comfortable city".

2. Urban Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Planning

The principal of making a safe city, is "safety". We examine the environment of disaster area and insure against future disasters with the studying of the area's characteristics. We challenge to build," Strong safe city against disasters" and work for developing a disaster plan to reduce the risk of avoidable disaster and minimize the loss.

3. Investigation of Disasters

The starting point of disaster preparedness is at the epicenter. This shows us how the incident occurred. We investigate disasters in Japan and all over the world right after they happen, a month later, and a year later. By examining them, we learn real lessons and try to suggest what to do about the next disaster to governments and municipalities.

4. Cooperation of Disaster Information

The most important disaster prevention and Preparedness is to report information of disasters. It is very important to report information of disasters from TV or radio correctly and convey the information quickly to civilians. We cooperate with the mass media in reporting disasters and making a plan of TV programs when disasters occur. We also do researches in what reporting disasters should be with our experiences.

5. Planning of Several Events and Symposiums on Disaster Prevention and Preparedness

6. Academic Essays, Lectures, and Publishing

We announce the academic reports with experiences and results of research, give lectures to public groups and organizations, and publish "Machiken Reports" as our own publishing activity to communicate with the authorities concerned.

7. Independent Research

We study and research brand-new information and report them with public activities.

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